Friday, July 27, 2012

Pyaar Ho Jaaye...

Guys, enough of apologies every time for not being serious about the blog ! Its exactly SEVENTY days since I last updated my blog. I now remember what one of my teachers used to say during our school days, "Sorry tabhi bola karo, jab tum wo galti fir se naa dohraao... Warna us sorry ka koi matlab nahi reh jaata hai..." That is the reason why I will not apologize this time. Because I know, no matter how much I try, situations and time don't permit me to post regularly on the blog.

Well let me cut the crap. Readers, the credit for this post goes to one of my dear friends Swati, who is an ardent reader of my blog. She was the one who made me aware that its been really very looooooooonnnnnngggg since I have updated Good For Nothin'. May be I just needed a wake up call and may be Swati just did that. :P

And with this wake up call, I bring to you yet another Hindi poem, which I wrote sometime ago. No prize for guessing the theme. Yeah... its love again !

Here it goes:

चले वो क़दम क़दम जो साथ मेरे,
तो उन के साथ  प्यार हो जाए.

थामे जो प्यार से हाथ मेरा,
तो अपने ही हाथ से प्यार हो जाए.

जिस रात आये ख़्वाबों में वो,
उस सुहानी रात से प्यार हो जाए.

जिस बात में आये ज़िक्र उन का,
उसी बात से प्यार हो जाए.

जब पुकारा प्यार से नाम,
तो अपने ही नाम से प्यार हो जाए.

  अगर है प्यार इतना खूबसूरत,
तो काश आप को भी हम से प्यार हो जाए...

Hope you guys liked it ! Once again, thanks a lot to you all for your never ending patience and support.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anjaani Chaahat

I know I am way too late for this post, but as it is said, Better late, than never ! Here comes a short Hindi poem to touch your souls !

यूँ ही अनजाने में तुझ से चाहत स़ी हो गयी,
दोस्ती करने चले थे और तुझ से मोहब्बत स़ी हो गयी।

तू ना हो तो मैं खुद से ही उलझता हूँ,
क्या करूं, मुझे तेरी आदत सी हो गयी।

मैं अपने वजूद में तुझे तलाश करता हूँ,
मुझे तुम से इस कदर मोहब्बत सी हो गयी।

मेरे पास  आओ, तो जी लूं दो पल  मैं भी,
मेरी तो हर एक  सांस  तेरी अमानत  सी हो गयी।

मैं सोचता था तेरे आगे ज़िन्दगी क्या है,
पर तुझे चाहने के लिए  ज़िन्दगी एक  ज़रुरत  सी हो गयी।

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Main Kasab Ban Jaaunga

I know.... I know you all are missing me... and my posts, of course ! Well, I was busy with my exam preparations. Yes, MBA has semester pattern... Matlab university waalo ko saal mein 2 mauke milte hain humaari beizzati karne ke !!

And this one is not my original creation. I read it on Facebook. I liked it very much. Yes ! Its a poem. It is a Hindi poem originally titled "A poem by unemployed youth of India", but I feel this poem not just reflects the sentiments of unemployed youth, but it is a mirror of general Indian sentiments. 

Here you go !

माँ मुझे एक बंदूक दे दे
मै कसाब बन जाऊँगा

दो चार मंत्री को मार
रोज कबाब मै खाऊँगा

यहाँ तो इक चादर भी नहीं
वहाँ नरम बिछौना पाऊँगा

दिन रात मै जागूँ यहाँ
वहाँ चैन की नींद सो जाऊँगा

यहाँ मिले गाली और घूंसा
यहाँ रोज मार मै खाऊँगा

वहाँ मुझे छिंक भी आये
तुरंत दवाई मै पाऊँगा

घर की सूखी रोटी से तो अच्छा
रोज बिरयानी खाऊंगा

और जब मैं अदालत में जाऊ
तो मंद मंद मुस्कराऊंगा

मुझे देख भारतवासी गुस्से से तिलमिलाए
तो उनकी किस्मत पर तरस खाऊंगा

फिर देना जब जनम मुझे
मै ऐसा भाग न पाऊँगा

माँ मुझे एक बंदूक दे दे
मै कसाब बन जाऊँगा

I do not preach violence or killings. But the fact that a bloody terrorist is enjoying the Indian hospitality rather than being hanged hurts me a lot. Kasab is the safest man in India. And we, the citizens of India, are still unsafe !

Thodi kahi, zyaada samajhna !

Such is life.

PS: If the Government of India is citing silly reasons like shortage of hangmen, I would love to play a hangman for Kasab ! Kasam se....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Dozenth Birthday

Birthday - A day, which comes once a year (unless of course you celebrate "fake" birthdays), for which we wait for days, weeks and months, a day which passes by with lightening speed, a day when you were dropped on the earth, a day when you feel special (or in case, you always feel special, this is a day when you feel extra special) !

Yesterday was my two dozenth birthday (i prefer it 'coz 24 seems a bigger number than 2 dozen) and it was made special by some great friends of mine !

Frankly speaking, I was not that excited for my birthday on the evening prior to it, since it was probably my first birthday away from my family. However (yes, I am an MBA-student, and its kind of offending to use "but") the day was made special by some special people around me.

Although I couldn't maintain a record of all the people who wished me throughout the day, but I will mention the names of some really great friends who made this day indeed very special, namely Kamlesh, Pratik, Vijay, Tarun, Garima, Swati, Aarzoo, Seema, Khushi, etc among the few :) You guys made my day !!

Besides these friends, almost all my family members and friends wished me throughout the day and made my birthday really special one. The number of birthday wishes I got made me think for a while that I'm really growing 'old' !!! :P

My prankster buddy Kamlesh Parihar, whom I gifted a matka (clay pot) for his birthday, compensated my gesture by gifting me a really big watermelon carefully gift-packed exactly when the clock struck 12, and later a pair of "keyboard chappals" :) Thanks buddy !! I loved them both :)

Key Board Chappals or KBC
Moreover, the biggest surprise on my birthday came from my blog, Good For Nothin', which crossed the 1,00,000 pageviews milestone on my birthday. What a coincidence !!

Last but not the least, a few really great friends who missed to wish me on my birthday also deserve to be mentioned in the post. I never thought that they could forget my birthday, ever ! But as they say, Life mein bahut kuchh first time hota hai maamu !

Leaving you all with the two lovely cakes that I had cut on my birthday, but alas, I couldn't save it for you, as they were so tempting that I couldn't resist finishing them off !

Better luck next time guys !

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The love I found in YOU.

I know I'm still lagging behind on my promise of posting more frequently. This post comes exactly one week after my last post. Well, as they say, Better late, than never. :)

And in this post, I'm back to what people say I'm best at... P.O.E.T.R.Y.!

Here it is... Dedicated to someone very special... Someone whom I'm yet to find... :P

You are the air I need to breathe,
The river of life inside of me.
You are the half that made me whole,
You are the anchor of my soul.

And you are strong when I am weak,
You are the words when I can't speak.
You never fail to see me through,
That's the love I found in you.

You are my shelter from the storm,
You are the road that leads me home.
Baby with you here face-to-face,
Oh, I know I found my place.

'Cause you are strong when I am weak,
You are the words when I can't speak.
You never fail to see me through,
That's the love I found in you.

Once in every life,
You find the one who's right.
And when you say forever, it's true,
That's the love I found in you.

You are strong when I am weak,
You are the words when I can't speak.
You never fail to see me through,
That's the love I found in you.

That's the love, love I found in YOU.