Friday, July 27, 2012

Pyaar Ho Jaaye...

Guys, enough of apologies every time for not being serious about the blog ! Its exactly SEVENTY days since I last updated my blog. I now remember what one of my teachers used to say during our school days, "Sorry tabhi bola karo, jab tum wo galti fir se naa dohraao... Warna us sorry ka koi matlab nahi reh jaata hai..." That is the reason why I will not apologize this time. Because I know, no matter how much I try, situations and time don't permit me to post regularly on the blog.

Well let me cut the crap. Readers, the credit for this post goes to one of my dear friends Swati, who is an ardent reader of my blog. She was the one who made me aware that its been really very looooooooonnnnnngggg since I have updated Good For Nothin'. May be I just needed a wake up call and may be Swati just did that. :P

And with this wake up call, I bring to you yet another Hindi poem, which I wrote sometime ago. No prize for guessing the theme. Yeah... its love again !

Here it goes:

चले वो क़दम क़दम जो साथ मेरे,
तो उन के साथ  प्यार हो जाए.

थामे जो प्यार से हाथ मेरा,
तो अपने ही हाथ से प्यार हो जाए.

जिस रात आये ख़्वाबों में वो,
उस सुहानी रात से प्यार हो जाए.

जिस बात में आये ज़िक्र उन का,
उसी बात से प्यार हो जाए.

जब पुकारा प्यार से नाम,
तो अपने ही नाम से प्यार हो जाए.

  अगर है प्यार इतना खूबसूरत,
तो काश आप को भी हम से प्यार हो जाए...

Hope you guys liked it ! Once again, thanks a lot to you all for your never ending patience and support.


  1. bhai maje aa gye.........kal shaam k 2 jaam is pyaar k naam...:)

    1. @ (prateek) monga -
      thanks bhai... lekin saale, thoda kam piya kar :P

  2. thnx for giving me credit dear frnd...again its a gd attempt..keep it up, I am always here to give u wake-up call....;-)

  3. @ swati -
    Dont thank me.. in fact i should thank you for this post ! N yeah i might need ur wake up calls more often ;)